Michael Milken - Philanthropist, Financier, Medical Research Innovator, Public Health Advocate

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Philanthropic Career

When Fortune magazine called Mike "The Man Who Changed Medicine," they affirmed the effectiveness of his efforts, over four decades, to accelerate medical progress against a wide range of life-threatening diseases and to improve public health around the world. His work supporting new treatments for melanoma and breast cancer in the 1970s, and his support of leading researchers beginning in 1982 through the Milken Family Foundation, have informed his current initiatives through the Milken Institute's two health centers: FasterCures and the Center for Public Health. The Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University and the Future of Health Summits (which Mike hosts) are only the latest examples of a life-long commitment to improving public health. Mike has traveled to more than 35 nations in recent years and collaborated with industry and government officials about new efforts to improve health and reduce the burdens of disease.