Michael Milken - Philanthropist, Financier, Medical Research Innovator, Public Health Advocate

Responding to COVID-19: Conversations with Mike Milken
How far out is a vaccine? What treatments are in the pipeline?
Can we protect our most vulnerable citizens and restart the economy?
Mike addresses these questions and more in his daily podcast with leaders on the front lines of the global response.
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In a Wall Street Journal interview, Mike says to beat Covid-19 we must invest in where the world is going, not where it is. In a Wall Street Journal interview, Mike says to beat Covid-19 we must "invest in where the world is going, not where it is."
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A new magazine article calls Mike a "genius game changer who is saving lives." Lifestyles Magazine calls Mike a "genius game changer who is saving lives."
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"Mike Milken's crusade - how it's changing medicine" was a Fortune magazine cover story. "Mike Milken's crusade - how it's changing medicine" was a Fortune magazine cover story. Learn more here
A Forbes cover story listed Mike among "The Visionaries Reimagining Our Children's Future." A Forbes cover story
listed Mike among
"The Visionaries Reimagining Our Children's Future."
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Short Biography
Mike Milken's career has mirrored his four main professional passions: medical research, education, public health and access to capital. He has been uniquely successful in creating value, whether measured in lives saved (Fortune magazine called him "The Man Who Changed Medicine"), students inspired (Forbes said he is an education visionary) or jobs created. Beginning in 1969, he financed thousands of companies that collectively created millions of jobs.

His philanthropy, which began in the 1970s and paralleled his business career, expanded in 1982 with the establishment of the Milken Family Foundation. When the coronavirus pandemic swept the world in 2020, Mike drew on his five decades of working with leaders in public health and medical research to redirect the efforts of his foundations and the Milken Institute in several areas: connecting industry, public health schools and government agencies to expedite treatments and address shortages; provide policy recommendations; and disseminate accurate information.

Mike is chairman of the Milken Institute, an economic think tank whose annual Global Conference brings more than 5,000 leaders from 50 nations to Los Angeles. Other annual conferences are held in London, Washington, D.C, Singapore and the Middle East. The Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University was renamed in recognition of a gift from the Institute.

Mike graduated from Berkeley with highest honors and earned his MBA at the Wharton School, where he was a Joseph Wharton fellow. He and his wife, Lori, who are members of the Giving Pledge, have been married since 1968. They have three children and 10 grandchildren.

Selected Articles by Mike
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The Milken Institute
A non-profit, non-partisan economic think tank whose scholars lead an international dialogue on solutions in the areas of economics, health, aging, human capital, philanthropy and capital markets. Listen to the Institute's COVID-19 Conference Call Series.
This Washington, D.C.-based think tank is removing barriers to progress against all life-threatening diseases.
Milken Family Foundation
Established in 1982, the Foundation is one of America's leading charitable organizations supporting education and a broad range of medical research.
Bioscience/Public Health
Major recent initiatives include the Milken Institute’s COVID-19 Treatment and Vaccine Tracker, two new FDA-approved cancer treatments and a summary of the Future of Health Summit.
Milken Scholars Program
The Milken Scholars Program provides outstanding high school students with a commitment of four years of college financial assistance, counseling, volunteer opportunities and preparation for graduate studies and beyond.
Melanoma Research Alliance
The MRA has awarded approximately $101 million to medical investigators in 15 countries focused on accelerating new therapeutic approaches for melanoma, improving existing treatments, developing new biomarkers and advancing understanding of risk factors. Since 2007, the FDA has approved 12 new melanoma treatments.
Prostate Cancer Foundation
The world's largest philanthropic source of funds for prostate cancer research, the Prostate Cancer Foundation is helping reduce the death rate from one of the most common cancers.
Other Non-Profit Activities
Mike's four decades of philanthropy include many other programs in medical research, public health and education.
Mike talked on Fox with Maria Bartiromo about increased collaboration to accelerate efforts to develop treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, and then how to ramp up production and distribution.
Vice President Biden told Mike what has made him so successful in negotiating as a senator and as vice president with international leaders. The bottom line? “All politics is personal.”
At the Global Conference, President George W. Bush described the effects on his family from the death of his sister Robin when he was only seven years old.
Mike Milken and legendary film director John Landis spoke movingly about their lives and careers during a sold-out event at the Alan Howard Foundation JW3 Speaker Series in London's Jewish Community Centre.
Video Conversation: Potential Breakthroughs in COVID-19 Research
Video Conversation: Potential Breakthroughs in COVID-19 Research
Mike talks about increased opportunities for minorities and a COVID-19 update.
When Fortune magazine called Mike "The Man Who Changed Medicine," they affirmed the effectiveness of his efforts, over four decades, to accelerate medical progress against a wide range of life-threatening diseases and to improve public health around the world.
Accelerating Medical Solutions
In this excerpt from his 30-minute talk at the 2012 Milken Institute Global Conference, Bill Clinton said the conference is a place where leaders with differing points of view can share ideas and seek solutions.
President Clinton at the Milken Institute
Senator Orrin Hatch discusses medical research and the Milken Institute
'Thank God for the Milken Institute'
Mike was joined by Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, Robert Califf, Food and Drug Administration commissioner and Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control, at the first Milken Institute Public Health Summit in Washington.
Leaders at the Public Health Summit
Milken Educator Award. Mike traveled to Houston to present a Milken Educator Award to second-grade teacher Maggie Calagna at Armand Bayou Elementary School.
Milken Educator Award
The Milken Scholars Program was established in 1989 to provide outstanding high school graduates with a commitment of four years of college financial assistance, counseling, volunteer opportunities and preparation for graduate studies. Today, the Milken Scholars program encompasses a network of more than 400 professionals and current university students, many of whom are a first-generation American and the first in their family to attend college.
Milken Scholars
Mike spoke about Restoring the American Dream to a group of several hundred business and government leaders at The Economic Club of Washington D.C., and was then interviewed by David Rubenstein, president of The Economic Club. Mike spoke about such innovative entrepreneurs as Steve Wynn and Bill McGowan, as well his own legacy.
Mike interviewed at the Economic Club of DC
One of those guys who just soaks you in. New York Times columnist David Brooks addressed the Milken Institute Associates, offering an analysis of whether Washington has the political will to fix some of the nation's biggest challenges, from entitlements to energy policy.
"One of those guys who just soaks you in."
Mike makes a surprise notification of a Milken Educator Award to middle-school science teacher Luis Espinosa in Hollywood, Florida. The Milken Family Foundation has awarded thousands of Educator Awards to public-school educators across America each award includes a $25,000 check and an invitation to the annual Milken Educator Forum.
Milken Educator Award notification
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